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This unique DC neighborhood is what some would call a hidden gem. Surrounded by Rock Creek Park, K Street, and Dupont Circle, The West End captures the best of what DC has to offer. High-end hotels flood the area with elegance while workout studios give the neighborhood a more local feel. The recent additions of The Ritz Residences, 22 West, The Columbia, 2501 M St., and Westlight have taken The West End to another level of luxury. While this area has its fair share of quiet and beautiful side streets, it also exudes the vibrancy of Washington DC’s downtown scene.
The West End also offers some of the city’s most significant restaurants including Marcels, Nobu, Rasika, Ris, and Blue Duck Tavern.  However, prior to all of this new development, The West End was pretty desolate. In 1972 the DC planning office created a new plan called “New Town for The West End,” which was designed to revamp a “declining part of the city.” Since then, The West End commands the highest average per square foot sales in the City, with new products selling north of $1,200 per sq. foot.
Public Transit: This neighborhood is easily accessible by metro at the Foggy Bottom or DuPont Circle stops. Also, use Metrobus or the Circulator to reach this popular destination.

STATS (by niche)

  • Population: 6,123
  • Homeowners: 38%
  • Age 25-34: 33%
  • Median Income: $80,603
  • Master Degree +: 65%
  • Public Schools: 15

“In my decision to move to the West End, the really special thing that Matt McCormick did for me was listening! He really understood, from the very beginning of the process, what would be the right part of the city and style of living for me. He followed up and got me excited about getting myself further downtown where the action is. And he was so right! I love living in the West End where there’s always something to do nearby. We are at the intersection of three of Washington’s best-maintained and comfortably residential urban neighborhoods — Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, and Dupont Circle. It is an established area with great shopping and walkability at the same time we have easy access to the newly developing areas in DC without being embroiled in the chaos of all that.” – Sally

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